New Jersey and California on Poker Regulations

gameBoth New Jersey and California have a legal grey area when it comes to online poker playing and online poker websites. We must note that there is no criminal punishment for someone who plays an “illegal” online poker game at an unauthorized website. In addition, no express penalties exist for websites that target players from New Jersey and California. However, that does not mean online poker is “legal” in either of these states. It simply means the subject is currently unregulated, because politicians have not made up their mind about the direction they want the law to take with regards to online poker.

Because of the regulations surrounding online poker in both of these states, residents must be careful when they are choosing a poker site or online casino to play these poker games. Citizens living in California and New Jersey are free to join any site that allows them to become a member, deposit money and withdraw their winnings. However, citizens must be careful when they are picking a New Jersey poker online site, because they cannot go to the authorities for assistance if something goes wrong.

For example, someone living in California or New Jersey cannot sue a poker site if they do not provide them with their winnings, because online poker is not expressly legal in the state and those sites are not authorized by the state government. But these risks are not an issue if players are careful with their poker site selection. For example, sites such as BetOnlinePoker, SportsBettingPoker, Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker are great venues for playing online poker in California. These sites have a very good reputation, they have been around for years, and they get thousands of players on their site every month.


All the major poker sites you can use as a resident of New Jersey or California offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses to their new customers. For example, BetOnlinePoker offers a 200 percent sign up bonus up to $2500 if you make a deposit of at least $1250. Black Chip Poker offers a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $1000. When selecting a poker site, you may also want to check whether they offer mobile play. Sites with a dedicated mobile app for playing poker are much easier to use than sites without such a feature.

Whenever we talk about online poker in the United States, we get comments from potential players who are worried about the legal repercussions of their actions. So it is important to remind people from New Jersey and California that they are doing nothing illegal by playing at offshore poker websites. It is completely legal to add money to these sites, play online poker in New Jersey and withdraw your winnings through your debit card or bank account. In fact, the Department of Justice has ruled that online poker is not illegal in these states, it is simply not formally legalized yet. But many expect New Jersey and California to produce new laws targeting online poker in the coming years.

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