Indians Are Growing Their Interest in Playing Poker

gameOnline poker industry in India is increasing day by day. The opportunity to play and gain experience is provided by companies and international online poker rooms. More than 500 000 Indian players practice their skills in poker cash games in order to get ready for international tournaments. For them, Internet poker is not only a place for earning real money, but also fun.

Texas Hold’em to any other ones. According to the study, the value of the companies enabling the Indians to play online is in excess of 120 million dollars.

If turning back to the law, it is easy to observe the tight Indian restrictions of government concerning poker sites and online games. The blockage of game servers and a big number of fines are just the tip of the iceberg. What is more, players of only three states have the access to poker games. The problem connecting with poker legality needs solving in the near

The key point is the growing number of popular in India poker sites, the best of which are Adda52, Poker-Baazi and Spartan Poker. The rapid increase of professional players is also exciting: more than 1000 people believe that poker develops their personal qualities.

The Indians do not seem to put off their progress. First of all, they gave a spectacular performance in the India Poker Championship. For example, Amit Jain from Mumbai defeated 50 other players in the Big Game and won $25 000.

People were amazed by his potential and way of playing due to the awkward circumstances he had faced before the match. The competition was held in Goa and Jain was on the point of getting on the plane when the flight was cancelled. Fortunately, one of Jain’s friends bought in for him just before the late registration. While Amit was making his way to Goa, he started getting blinded out and later presented himself as a good player.

What is more, players like Aditya Agarwal or Gautam Sabaharwal have recently become very famous. They not only have big chances of winning, but also earn more than 200 thousands of dollars per game.

If speaking about Indians today, they seem to be very ambitious and skilled online poker players. Relying on the fact that poker is getting more popular, the government of India should provide their people with a chance to take part in the biggest tournaments.

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